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Tahoe Guitars Satisfaction Pledge

I want you to be completely satisfied with your new Tahoe guitar. Please enjoy a five (5) day inspection period from the day your receive your new guitar. If you are not satisfied, contact me. We’ll make it right or I will refund your money.

-The guitar must be returned in original, undamaged condition.
-The buyer pays return shipping.



Madagascar Rosewood /Alpine Dread
 “I have compared this guitar to many other high-end guitars (Martin, Collings, Santa Cruz, Lowden, Goodall), and I know that this guitar is in the same league with all of them.      I am very happy with the guitar, and, given the custom appointments that Larry included, I know that I have a guitar that responds like others that cost twice as much.    I think anyone will find that Larry is very accommodating during the entire guitar-building process, and he always gives an ironclad guarantee: If you don’t like the guitar when it is finished, then you don’t have to buy it. …. I honestly don’t think that I could have gotten a better guitar for the money that I spent.   ….I am very happy with the guitar that he built for me, and I may have another (12-fret) built by him for me one day.”      —S.C.    Roseville, CA
Maple/Carpathian 000-12
Honduras Mahogany/Red Spruce OM
Palo Escrito/Red Spruce  12 fret Dread
Figured Mahogany/Carpathian Spruce 000-12
“I own four Tahoe guitars of various sizes and wood combinations. While each has its own voice, all share the Tahoe Guitars trademark voice: sweet, excellent string-to-string definition, excellent depth and sensitivity. All of my Tahoe guitars have top-notch playability and quality of construction. Larry is very easy to work with, and he strives to make each guitar unique to fit the player’s individual needs. Thanks, Larry, for building such fine guitars. ”  — J.S.    Carson City, NV    


Madagascar Rosewood/BC Lutz 00-14

“The guitar was everything I hoped it would be. The workmanship is top notch. Right up there with the boutique shops. I couldn’t find any flaws or mistakes/coverups. The finish is really nice. Beautiful in every way. The tone is what matters. I was rewarded with a fabulous sounding and playing guitar. The feel is very smooth and soft. The guitar feels like a short scale, but it is a full scale. Excellent balance and sustain. It definitely has the “rosewood” sound. It is very lush sounding, with really good sustain. I’m no expert in describing guitar sounds and characteristics, so I’m not going to pretend to describe other aspects of the tone. But I do know when a guitar sounds good vs. just mediocre. This guitar has it. It sounds great. I think it may replace a couple of much more expensive guitars and the play list.

Great job Mr. Nair. If this guitar is any indication, you know how to make an excellent guitar.”
–D.B. , Colorado

Madagascar Rosewood/Carpathian 00-14
“The guitar: Flawless construction, beautiful finish, wonderful tone with a surprising amount of bass for a 00-size guitar. Very playable with nice low action. A keeper, for sure.

The experience: Piece of cake. I furnished the back and side woods, Madagascar rosewood, and Larry took over from there. I opted for the Carpathian spruce top on Larry’s recommendation. I wanted a mountain peak headstock inlay and he spared no effort to come up with what I envisioned. Pretty much stayed with Larry’s stock offerings for the other details, binding, rosette, etc. Good communication throughout the process. Larry will be building another guitar for me in the near future!”
L.J., Fort Collins, CO

Mahogany/Red Spruce Dread
Having played guitar since the mid 1960’s, including playing in rock bands and in acoustic/folk groups and venues, and for 12 years on a weekly basis in a church setting, I have been exposed to many guitars. When I was in the process of looking for an additional acoustic guitar I initially spent time trying the major Guitar “brands”. Then another guitar player referred me to Tahoe Guitar.

I contacted Larry Nair, to discuss having a guitar made. He explained the process, and, I was able to play several Tahoe guitars. They impressed me not only by the easy “playability” of each one, but with the unique sound which each guitar possessed. In fact, I quickly realized that the “problem” with a Tahoe Guitar wasn’t going to be finding one which I liked, and which fit my style. The “problem” was going to be choosing between the various sounds to fnd the one I liked the most.

Making that choice could have indeed been a difficult experience. However, Larry made the process easy, including providing multiple guitars. When I narrowed my choices down, Larry allowed me to take the “finalists” with me for a time. In the end, I fell in love with one of his available guitars. I would have been happy to work with him on a custom guitar had I not found a keeper among his available instruments.

I can state without qualification that you will not only find the right guitar for you, but that you will thoroughly enjoy working with Larry in the process. And, if you have other guitars which need repairs or “tweaking”, Larry is an excellent source.

Whether or not you decide to acquire a Tahoe guitar, you will thoroughly enjoy the experience of working with Larry Nair. ”
M.D., Carson City, NV

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