Why Hand-Built By Tahoe Guitars?

Emerald and bijouThe process of building a custom guitar starts with YOU. Imagine having a fine instrument built to meet your needs, customized to sound and feel exactly the way you want. Along the way you have the experience of seeing your guitar being created from highest quality materials by a skilled craftsman. In the end, you have a top quality instrument which was made just for you. Play it and feel how it resonates against your chest like it’s breathing. Hear the subtle nuances of your guitar’s voice. The guitar is uniquely yours to give you many years of playing pleasure.

When I build a guitar, I personally attend to every detail. I carefully work with you to select raw materials and the guitar design to meet your needs and goals. I personally carry out each step in the construction of the guitar, and fuss over the finest of details.  Each component receives my personal attention to ensure that it’s crafted and assembled the right way. There are no cheap materials, no mass production techniques, no cutting of corners. The creation of each guitar is an individual process. This kind of attention to detail is only possible in a small shop setting.

At Tahoe Guitars, each and every guitar is made with four things in mind: tone, playability, craftsmanship and beauty.

Tone: Each part of your hand-built guitar is made of top grade materials. The top, back and sides are select aged and bookmatched tonewoods. They are thicknessed and braced to bring out the best tone possible from your guitar. The result is a fine and detailed voice which can only come from a hand-built guitar.

Playability: Each guitar has top-notch playability. Choice of scale length, neck profile, nut and saddle width are combined with top quality fret work and set up to give a guitar which feels as though it is part of you. The interface between you and your custom Tahoe guitar is seamless.

Craftsmanship: Every detail, from basic glue joints to the finest aesthetic appointments are of critical importance. I give appropriate attention to each detail so that the resulting guitar is of top quality.

Beauty: Fitting and decoration receive much attention. Do you want a simple aesthetic? Do you want fancy details? All details are selected to satisfy you. Fine woods, bindings and purflings, inlay materials and designs are selected and executed to tastefully accent the beauty of the wood and overall design without overwhelming it.

I’m a guitar player and active performer. I understand the joy and personal satisfaction which comes from owning and playing a custom, hand-built guitar. I strive to build the finest guitar I can…. period. I would love to build one for you.


-Larry Nair, Luthier

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